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Sandbox Environments

How can I test my Clearpay API integration?

Clearpay provides a sandbox for development and testing. The sandbox environment is:

  • Accessed using a different URL
  • Uses different credentials to a production environment.


How can I get Sandbox credentials?

Contact your Clearpay account manager and ask for sandbox credentials.

Create customer accounts

When you check out the goods or services on the test site, use the details below to place a test Clearpay transaction.

You can create test customer accounts in the Sandbox environment within your test checkout flow.

Each Sandbox customer account needs a unique email and a unique phone number.

The correct region specific format is needed to complete the Sandbox Clearpay customer checkout flow.

In the UK the phone number must be unique. Edit the examples below to get a unique phone number:


No SMS's are sent in the Sandbox. Use 111111 as the verification code

  • (+44) 7777799999
  • (+44) 7777799998
  • (+44) 7777799997
  • (+44) 7777799996

Accounts created within a Clearpay Sandbox only exist within that Sandbox; no money actually moves when payments are made.


Quick start

The quickest way to start testing the API is to use our Postman request collection.

Test payment details

In Sandbox, to simulate different customer journeys, please be aware that:

  • The outcome of the customer charge is determined by the card number that you use

The Sandbox Capture response (approved / declined) is determined by the CVV value. Use
000 for approval and 051 for decline.

Card typeLong numberExpiryCCV
Visa4111 1111 1111 111101/25000
Visa4111 1111 1111 111101/25051
Mastercard5215 0977 9282 665901/25000
Mastercard5215 0977 9282 665901/25051



You can use any dummy Visa number and future expiry date for testing purposes in the Clearpay Sandbox. But the dummy number must pass a mod 10 check and cannot have been used by a different Sandbox customer account.

Business Hub

How can I access the Sandbox Business Hub?

Contact your Clearpay account manager or delivery manager to request access to the sandbox Business Hub. The sandbox Business Hub provides the same functionality as the production Business Hub.

You can log in to the sandbox Business Hub here.

You can also view settlement files, however, no settlements are made to the merchant bank account.