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Certification Testing

When you’ve passed your internal QA testing, you’re ready for Clearpay Certification. Contact your Clearpay delivery manager to schedule certification testing.

Testing is performed within a staging environment on each of the unique environments that will be in production. The test suite includes three areas:

  1. Integration standards
  2. Customer experience
  3. Refunds.

Certification ensures a great customer experience, minimises the potential for fraudulent activity, and checks for common compliance and technical issues.


Production Credentials

Your Clearpay production credentials are issued upon successful completion of the Clearpay Certification.


When moving your integration to your production environment, ensure the API Endpoint and Javascript URL are being loaded for Clearpay's production environment.

API EndpointScreenflow (Javascript)


Update the User-Agent Header

When moving to a production environment, please make sure the User-Agent Header is updated with the production Merchant ID.