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Business Hub Access

How can I access the UK Business Hub?

You can log in to the Business Hub here:


Trouble logging in?

If you have trouble logging in, try clearing your browser's session cookies and try again.

Forgotten your password?

Click here to reset your password.

New User Accounts


You can ask for a user to be added to your Business Hub, contact our Merchant Admin team with the following details:

  • User's first name
  • User's last name
  • User's email address
  • Level of access

For Sandbox Business Hub access - contact your delivery manager or Clearpay account manager.

Role Access

There are only three standard user access types:

  • Hub Admin

  • User

  • Read Only

The various access rights are in the tables below.

Clearpay Business Hub

PermissionsHub AdminUserRead Only
Access to tax invoicesYesYesYes
Access to settlement infoYesYesYes
Process refundsYesYesNo
View ordersYesYesYes
Edit ordersYesYesNo
View shop directoryYesYesYes
View and edit shop directoryYesYesNo
View and edit team membersYesYesNo
View bankingYesNoNo
View and edit bankingYesNoNo
View Clearpay IQYesYesYes
View and edit custom access typesYesNoNo
View activity logsYesNoNo
View disputesYesYesYes
Manage disputesYesNoNo
Manage Clearpay productsYesNoNo
View account settingsYesYesYes
Manage account settings and sensitive business dataYesNoNo

In the Merchant Portal

PermissionsHub AdminUserRead Only
View and download tax invoicesYesYesYes
View and download settlement infoYesYesYes
View orderYesYesYes
Edit ordersYesYesNo
Process refundsYesYesNo
Edit shipped statusYesYesNo

Business Hub Activation Email

When user accounts are created you receive an activation email.

  • The activation email will contain a link that is active for 45 minutes.
  • Use the forgot password feature if the activation link is no longer active.

Activation Link Expired? Didn’t receive the activation email?