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Integrated vs Deferred Shipping

Clearpay Express checkout comes in two main types, Integrated Shipping and Deferred Shipping.

Integrated Shipping

The customer’s delivery options are provided in Clearpay checkout flow in real time, and the order is completed within the Clearpay flow. For example:

Deferred Shipping

The customer returns to the retailer checkout to finalise their delivery options, and complete their order. For example:

Once the customer returns to the merchant's checkout, after the Clearpay Checkout flow, the order amount can change. This change can occur if the customer selects shipping options, updates cart items, or applies a promotional code. Merchants must integrate the checkout widget on their final order confirmation page, so customers can view their final updated Clearpay payment schedule before confirming the order.

Suitability Test

Integrated ShippingDeferred Shipping
Less than five shipping options.More than five shipping options.
Simple shipping options (i.e. single option for whole order).Complex shipping options (e.g. individual options at SKU level).
Simple tiered shipping options (e.g. standard, express, rush).Time Slot Booking.
Pickup in-store option before checkout entry.Mixed in-store pickup and home delivery.

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