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Platforms Quickstart

How can I add Afterpay to my store?

Clearpay is integrated with many popular e-commerce platforms. Get up and running quickly, without having to write any code with our e-commerce plugins.

  1. Choose your platform
  2. You will need to have a platform that manages your payments. Clearpay is available on many platforms. Common platforms include Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix and Magento. If you don't find your platform you can still Integrate with Clearpay. Just visit our API quickstart.

  3. Set up your Clearpay Merchant account
  4. Sign up for a Merchant account at

  5. Connect your Clearpay account
  6. Once your merchant account has been created you can copy & paste your credentials into your platform plugin. Note: If you have a development environment you can connect your sandbox credentials to your plugin for testing.

  7. Clearpay is live!
  8. Your customers can now use Clearpay at checkout. Join our shop directory so we can send you highly qualified leads, and watch your sales grow!

🛠️ Are You a Developer?

If you are building a custom integration, you might want to view the developer integration checklist

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Platforms Quickstart

How can I add Afterpay to my store?

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