Using an existing platform

The easiest way to use Clearpay is to integrate with a popular e-commerce platform that manages payments for you. Set up an account with Clearpay and connect it to your e-commerce platform to enable Clearpay for your site.

After setting up your Clearpay account and connecting it to your e-commerce platform you'll be able to use the Clearpay merchant portal to view and manage your Clearpay orders. Clearpay also provides merchant assets for your site to show customers that you offer Clearpay as a payment option.


Best practice for integrations

The following links will ensure your Clearpay integration meets our best practice guidelines:

Step 1: Set up an account with Clearpay

Having set up your shop platform, create an account with Clearpay:

Step 2: Select your platform

Clearpay is compatible with many e-commerce platforms. Common platforms include Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, Magento, and PrestaShop.

Step 3: Connect your Clearpay account to your e-commerce platform

Copy and paste your Clearpay merchant credentials into your e-commerce platform Clearpay plugin. Refer to our specific platform documentation for more specific guidance.


Testing environments

You can also use your Clearpay sandbox credentials with your e-commerce platform plugin in order to test your integration.