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Express Checkout

Clearpay Express Checkout reduces the overall checkout steps on desktop and mobile devices so that customers can complete transactions more quickly.

Customers use their previously saved Clearpay information to checkout direct from the shopping cart or product page.

In short; fewer checkout steps, higher conversion.

In this section of the guide:

Express Checkout eliminates 5 steps and over 40 fields of customer-provided information

How does Express Checkout differ from a normal checkout?

The diagram below shows the existing Clearpay checkout flow:

The steps are Product > Cart > Delivery choice > Payment > Review and Confirmation. The customer proceeds through the checkout process as normal and selects Clearpay as a payment option in your payments section.

Here is the new Clearpay Express checkout flow:

The customer can buy a single item from the Product level and choose to Buy now with Clearpay, or shop for multiple items and proceed to the cart where they can choose to Checkout with Clearpay.

At this point there are two modes possible with Express Checkout:

  • Deferred shipping - Customers go back to your website and choose the shipping options you offer
  • Integrated shipping - Clearpay displays your shipping options to customers in real time, within the Clearpay checkout

Supported Platforms

Flow Diagram

Flow Diagram Key

  • Auth = Payment authorisation
  • Cart = Online shopping cart or basket
  • Checkout = Checkout page
  • Config = Configuration
  • EC = Express Checkout
  • PDP = Product Display Page