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How can I process a refund with Clearpay?


Perform a full refund or partial refunds based on your refund or cancellation policies. The same Clearpay Payment ID can be used for multiple partial refunds.

Refunds can be used for:

  • Full or partial order cancellation for the direct capture payment flow
  • Returns
  • Other scenarios where you want to issue funds back to the customer.

Refunds cannot be issued after 120 days from the date of purchase.


You can perform partial and full refunds up to the order total. i.e. You cannot refund more than the original order amount.


Do not create refunds after 120 days from the date of purchase. All refund requests for orders 120 days or older will get rejected and return a 422 error.


Manual Refunds can also be processed from the Clearpay Merchant Portal.