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In-Store Operations

Use Clearpay in your "bricks and mortar" stores as well as online

How to Apply for Clearpay In-Store

As a merchant, you can apply for Clearpay In-Store by following the instructions here. Our commercial and compliance teams will review your application and complete their due diligence. Once this process is completed, you will receive an email with instructions to complete your technical onboarding and also to enable card terminals in your store.

How In-Store works

Clearpay is not just an online payment provider, here's how you can implement Clearpay in your brick and mortar stores.

The Clearpay In-Store integration payment is handled through a customer’s Clearpay Card that they have added to their digital wallet on their phone.


For merchants, the transaction is handled like any other digital card payment.

The customer must load their card to their digital wallet through the In-Store tab of the Clearpay app and then tap their phone on the terminal. If the customer does not already have a Clearpay Card, they can create one by clicking on the In-Store section of the Clearpay app and following the steps to add a new Clearpay Card to their Clearpay account.

Further details on the customer experience can be found on our Customer In-Store Information page and the Download and Use the Clearpay App section of the Developer technical guide.

How to set up your store with Clearpay

As part of the onboarding process to enable Clearpay In-Store, we need merchants to do a “Dummy Tap”. This is a test transaction on your card terminal(s) with a genuine Clearpay Card.

Why do we request a dummy tap?

When you attempt a Clearpay card transaction on a card terminal, we receive certain details in our system that identify that specific terminal. We configure these details against your merchant account. Then we can connect your terminal(s) to your Clearpay Merchant Account to enable the terminal(s) to accept Clearpay Card transactions.

The details we use to enable the terminals are:

  • Acquirer Merchant Scheme Name
  • Acquirer Merchant ID

Sometimes the data that is received by our system may vary depending on the acquirer/terminal provider. For example, sometimes what is technically the Terminal ID will appear in our Merchant ID field. This can also be true of the merchant scheme name and what appears in this field in our system might not match up exactly with what your acquirer/terminal provider has provided for your terminal.

This is why we require a decline so that we can be certain that the details we configure against your merchant account are 100% accurate.

Do the dummy tap

To do the dummy tap process, complete the 6 steps below:

  1. Download the Clearpay app from the Apple App store or the Google Play store.
  2. Log into the Clearpay app with your existing Clearpay customer account. If you do not have a Clearpay customer account, you should create one.
  3. Select the In Store option in the bottom menu and follow the steps to set up the Clearpay Card. This adds the Clearpay Card to your Apple Wallet or Google Play Wallet.
  4. Go to the point of sale/card terminal device you use to process a transaction and enter £1 as the transaction amount. If you are unable to manually enter the sale amount into the card terminal, scan an item from your store instead. Important: You will not be charged for this test.
  5. Open the Clearpay app, click the card icon, tap the Authorise and pay In-Store button. Hold your phone near the card reader and tap to complete the transaction. You will get a decline - this is correct because we have not yet set up your store to accept the Clearpay Card.
  6. Record the details of your test transaction in the Clearpay Store’s Test Transaction form. This form is provided in your integration kick-off email.



The dummy tap will decline - this is the expected result because we have not yet enabled the terminal’s configuration. This also means that we will not remove any money from the available balance of the customer account that is used for the dummy tap.

How can I request support after my store/terminal is enabled?

Use this form to ask for support from Clearpay's Merchant Services team. Make sure you select the Afterpay/Clearpay - In-store Support option. The Merchant Services team can support with declines, refunds, adding/removing terminals/stores.

Square Card Terminals

Since Clearpay is a part of Square, we have simplified our integration for merchants who use Square terminals. If you have Square terminals in your store, do the following:

  1. Open your Square Seller Dashboard.
  2. Go to your Account Settings under Business > Payment Settings.
  3. Enable Clearpay In-Store.



This enablement creates the same configurations that we create manually for non-Square terminals but the entire process is automated.

Acquirer and Terminal Provider Resources

Many acquirers and terminal providers have a section in their technical guides on how to enable Clearpay. Often these technical guides specify the exact fields within their own systems that contain information useful to Clearpay. This especially applies to aquirer information that you must send to Clearpay, so we can set up your in-store operations.


Merchant/Customer Experience

From a merchant perspective, refunds are handled like any other digital card refund and the customers must tap their Clearpay cards on the card terminal in order to process the refund.

Refunds can be handled In-Store for purchases made both In-Store and online.

The complete steps for the customer are as follows:

  1. Locate the order they want to refund in the Orders tab of the Clearpay customer app and click the 3 dots in the top right corner.
  2. From the options presented, select Returning an order.
  3. Click Returning In-Store.
  4. Click the Return to Clearpay Card button to launch the Clearpay Card.
  5. Tap their Clearpay Card against the card terminal as they would for any other digital card return.



Refunds for purchases made In-Store must also be done In-Store. We do not currently support any method of refunds for Customer Not Present use cases. This means that In-Store refunds cannot be processed through the Merchant Hub, unlike online refunds.

BORIS - Buy Online, Return In-Store

Clearpay matches refunds based on a customer's profile and their persistent Clearpay Card. Whether your systems enable referenced refunds or not, customers are able to return online Clearpay purchases to Clearpay In-Store. This is an advantage since we do all the calculations for the refund.

We will cancel the outstanding instalments and refund customers the instalments they've already made. In the event What happens if Clearpay is unable to make a clear refund match an order? In this case the customer is notified of a pending refund and guided through the process in-app to match the refund to the order.

Verifying Last 4 Digits

If your POS receipts display the last four digits of the card information, then the Clearpay Card is represented by the last four digits of the Device Primary Account Number (DPAN).

A DPAN is a device-specific tokenized card number and is generated after a customer adds the Clearpay Card to their iOS or Android device. A customer can locate the last four digit of the DPAN on the Wallet with the instructions below:

Apple Pay

  1. Open the Wallet app.
  2. Tap the Clearpay Card.
  3. Tap the three dots in the top right hand corner, the Device Account Number is located on this screen.

Google Pay

  1. Open the Google Pay app.
  2. Tap on the Clearpay Card, then scroll to Virtual Account Number.

Settlements and Reconciliation

Settlement of funds from Clearpay Card transactions take place in the same way as all other card payments processed by your business, via your card payment processor or acquiring partner. The gross sales amount settles the next day after the Clearpay Card transaction takes place. Three days after the Clearpay Card transaction, Clearpay direct debits the fees from the gross amount.

You can download a detailed Reconciliation file that provides line item information on Clearpay Card payments that were captured by your acquirer daily. You can download this Reconciliation file from the Clearpay Business Hub.

Clearpay Card fees are due per purchase and debited from your nominated account, as per the terms of your Merchant Agreement.

Clearpay Cards have a dedicated BIN (421893). You can use this BIN to identify Clearpay Card transactions in any store’s financial reporting.


Q: Is my Clearpay customer account linked to my Clearpay merchant account?
A: No, these are entirely separate and can use the same email as the primary email address. The two types of accounts are not linked in any way.

Q: Why did my dummy tap decline?
A: The dummy tap is supposed to decline as we do not currently have your card terminal details configured on your merchant account.

Q: Does Clearpay support Card Not Present transactions in store?
A: No, we only support card present transactions as the implementation relies on customers physically tapping their card on the terminal. This is also true for refunds.

Q: What types of card terminals support Clearpay In-Store?
A: Any card terminal that supports Apple/Google payments will be able to support Clearpay cards.

Q: Does Clearpay support split tender transactions?
A: Yes, as with other card payments, a customer can select to pay part of their transaction using their Clearpay card. This is supported for refunds in the same way.

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