Shopify manual capture

Shopify manual capture

Clearpay’s new integration now allows merchants to leverage Shopify’s manual capture setting. Please note this is a Shopify store wide setting, so if you have it enabled for another payment method it will be enabled for the new payment gateway. Clearpay's old payment gateway automatically captured all orders regardless of your Shopify setting.

If you have enabled “manually capture payment for orders” within your Shopify payment settings, this means the following:

Enabling manual capture for order payments causes several changes:

  1. Instead of immediately capturing funds, Clearpay will place an authorisation hold on the consumer's account. Unlike other payment methods, the consumer's instalment plan will begin as soon as the authorisation is made.
  2. Most consumers will be charged for their first instalment at this time, unless they qualify for Clearpay's 'No payment up-front' program. In this case the first instalment is collected two weeks after the authorisation is made.
  3. The authorisation hold will be valid for a period of 13 days. If the order has not been captured before this time, any uncaptured amount will be automatically voided and the voided amount reduced from the Clearpay consumer's outstanding balance. If the voided amount is more than the outstanding balance the consumer will be refunded the remainder.

You will need to capture orders using the Shopify order tab, using integrations, or using Shopify's API directly. All Shopify payment methods can be used to capture Clearpay orders as any other payment method supporting manual capture.

  • If you capture orders using a third-party integration or Shopify's API, you must verify the configuration before updating to the new Clearpay payments app.
  • If you capture orders using the Shopify order tab, you will need to begin capturing Clearpay orders manually.

Shopify will still restrict orders to a single capture, meaning that any uncaptured amounts will expire and be voided on the 14th day after the original authorization. If you need to cancel an authorised order, you can do so via all methods that Shopify allows (via orders tab, integrations or Shopify’s API). Shopify will still restrict cancellations to only apply to the full order amount - Shopify does not support partial cancellations.

Refunds will continue to behave normally. For partially captured orders, only the captured amount is available to be refunded. You will only be settled for funds that you have captured.


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