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Adding Clearpay messaging



This version of Clearpay Messaging is no longer offered. For our latest version of messaging, see the CLEARPAY MESSAGING section of the guide

Making your customers aware that Clearpay is available early on helps you to improve conversion and average order value.


Essentials for Best Practice Integrations

This link will ensure your Clearpay integration meets our best practice guidelines:

Clearpay Messaging is a great way to let customers know Clearpay is available before they decide to buy.

The Clearpay Messaging Widget takes care of:

  1. Calculating and displaying the Instalment Amount
  2. Displaying the Clearpay Information Modal when a customer clicks on the ⓘ icon


Using the Clearpay Messaging assets will ensure:

  1. You meet Clearpay's compliance criteria: You can always be sure you are using the latest terms of service, up to date with the latest regulatory information & brand identity, and displaying correct product and fee information.
  2. You maximize the benefits of Clearpay: Our best practice recommendations are tried, tested, and proven to optimize your checkout funnel.

What’s Next