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Clearpay Express Checkout reduces the overall checkout steps on desktop and mobile so that shoppers can complete transactions more quickly. Customers checkout directly from the shopping bag or product page using their previously saved Clearpay information.

Simply – fewer checkout steps, higher conversion.

Express Checkout eliminates 5 steps and over 40 fields of customer-provided information.


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Standard Clearpay Checkout Flow

The customer proceeds through the checkout process on your site as normal, selecting Clearpay as a payment option and confirming the transaction before order placement.


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Express Checkout Flows (Cart and/or Product Pages)

Integrated Shipping:​ Delivery options are displayed to users in real time, with the ability to confirm the order within Clearpay.

Deferred Shipping:​ The user returns to the retailer site to finalise delivery options and complete the order.


Suitability Test

Integrated ShippingDeferred Shipping
Less than 5 shipping optionsMore than 5 shipping options
Simple shipping options (i.e. single option
for whole order)
Complex shipping options (e.g. individual options at SKU level)
Simple tiered shipping options (e.g. standard, express, rush)Time Slot Booking
Pickup in-store option before checkout entryMixed in-store pickup and home delivery