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requestIdstringA unique request ID, required (in conjunction with merchantReference) for safe retries. It is recommended that the merchant generate a UUID for each unique refund.
amountMoney requiredThe refund amount.
merchantReferencestringThe merchant's corresponding refund ID or reference, required (in conjunction with requestId) for safe retries.
refundIdstringThe unique, Clearpay-generated refund ID.
refundedAtstringA UTC timestamp of the refund creation time, in ISO 8601 format.
refundMerchantReferencestringA unique reference for the individual refund event. If provided, the value will appear in the daily settlement file as "Payment Event ID". In most cases, this would hold the same value as the merchantReference.

Example Refund object

  "requestId" : "c061b700-7f16-4a85-8289-2c1f017c8037",
  "amount" : {  
    "amount" : "10.00",
    "currency" : "GBP"
  "merchantReference" : "merchantRefundId-1234",
  "refundId" : "67890123",
  "refundedAt" : "2019-01-01T00:00:00.000Z",
  "refundMerchantReference" : "merchantRefundId-1234"