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This data model is used to store crucial product details. The price field represents the unit price of the individual item. The quantity field shows the number of units of the item. The name field denotes the name of the product, while sku holds the Stock Keeping Unit identifier. 100 is the maximum number of item objects in the items array.


namestring requiredProduct name. Limited to 255 characters.
skustringProduct SKU. Limited to 128 characters.
quantityinteger requiredThe quantity of the item, stored as a signed 32-bit integer.
pageUrlstringThe canonical URL for the item's Product Detail Page. Limited to 2048 characters.
imageUrlstringA URL for a web-optimised photo of the item, suitable for use directly as the src attribute of an img tag. Limited to 2048 characters.
priceMoney  requiredThe unit price of the individual item. Must be a positive value.
categories[][]An array of arrays to accommodate multiple categories that apply to the item. Each array represents a hierarchical path to a category, with the left-most category being the top-level parent category.
estimatedShipmentDatestringThe estimated date when the order will be shipped, in YYYY-MM or YYYY-MM-DD format.



It is crucial that the price represents the unit price of the individual item.

Never populate the price by multiplying the quantity by the unit cost. Always enter the price for a single unit to maintain data accuracy.

Example Item object

  "name": "Blue Carabiner",
  "sku": "12341234",
  "quantity": 1,
  "pageUrl": "",
  "imageUrl": "",
  "price": {
    "amount": "40.00",
    "currency": "GBP"
  "categories": [
    ["Sporting Goods", "Climbing Equipment", "Climbing", "Climbing Carabiners"],
    ["Sale", "Climbing"]
	"estimatedShipmentDate": "2021-03-01"