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This endpoint retrieves an incomplete individual checkout by token.



Checkout details are only retained in this temporary format for up to 60 minutes. If a checkout token expires or has an order created against it, it can no longer be retrieved from this endpoint.

To retrieve a Payment record (Clearpay Order) along with its associated checkout details, see Get Payment By Token.

Successful Response (200)

If a checkout belonging to the authenticated merchant account is found, returns the checkout details in response. Fields that were not included in the original Create Checkout request may not be included in any corresponding Get Checkout response.

tokenstringCheckout token to be used to complete payment.
expiresstringThe UTC timestamp of when the checkout token will expire, in ISO 8601 format.
redirectCheckoutUrlstringA URL that can be used to redirect the consumer to the Clearpay screenflow directly from the merchant backend. This can be used as an alternative to implementing the JavaScript afterpay.js.
amountMoneyTotal amount to be charged to consumer.
consumerConsumerThe consumer requesting the order.
billingContactBilling address.
shippingContactShipping address.
courierShipping CourierShipping courier details.
descriptionstringA description of the order.
merchant.redirectConfirmUrlstringThe consumer is redirected to this URL on confirmation.
merchant.redirectCancelUrlstringThe consumer to redirected to this URL if the payment process is cancelled.
merchantReferencestringThe merchant's id/reference that this order corresponds to.
itemsItem[]An array of order items.
discountsDiscount[]An array of discounts.
shippingAmountMoneyThe shipping amount.
taxAmountMoneyThe included tax amount after applying all discounts.
shippingOptionsstringShipping option details.

Connection Timeouts

TimeoutTime (Seconds)


In addition to the GET Errors applicable to all GET endpoints, the following errors are specific to Get Checkout:

HTTP Status CodeerrorCodeDescription
Not Found
not_foundNo checkout token was provided.
Precondition Failed
invalid_tokenThe checkout token is invalid, expired, completed, or does not exist.
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