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amountstring requiredThe amount is a string representation of a decimal number, rounded to 2 decimal places.
currencystring requiredThe currency in ISO 4217 format. Only "GBP" is supported.

422 Errors

Where a Money object is included in an API request, it will be validated according to the specification above. Invalid Money objects will trigger a 422 Unprocessable Entity response. The following is a list of common examples.

amount is omitted or nullinvalid_object{Money object}.amount Amount field required
amount has more than 2 decimal placesinvalid_objectamount. must be a valid ISO 4217 format value
amount includes a thousands separator comma, for example: "1,000"invalid_amountAmount must be a valid ISO 4217 format value
amount is not a decimal number, for example: "FREE", "£2" or an empty stringinvalid_object{Money object}.amount Amount field must be a valid ISO 4217 format value
currency is omitted or nullinvalid_object{Money object}.currency Currency field required
currency is not a valid currency code, not all uppercase or an empty stringinvalid_object{Money object}.currency Currency not supported for this merchant
currency is supported by Clearpay, but not valid for the Merchant accountunsupported_currencyAn error occurred

Example Money object

  "amount": "29.99",
  "currency": "GBP"