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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This section outlines the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to the Shopify-Clearpay integration.

Q: Why was a customer returned to the Shopify checkout page after trying to place an order with Clearpay?

A: There are two common causes for a customer being returned to the Shopify checkout page after trying to place an order with Clearpay. These causes are listed below:

  1. Invalid order amount.
    A customer’s Clearpay transaction will not be approved should the order total be:
  • Below the merchant minimum order value.
  • Above the merchant maximum order value.
  • In a non-supported currency.
    As such, the customer will be returned to the Shopify checkout page.
  1. Incorrect merchant credential configuration.
    The communication between Shopify and Clearpay is dependent on a correct combination of the Merchant ID and Secret Key.
    Please ensure that:
  • Merchant ID is entered correctly.
  • Secret Key is entered correctly.
  • Test Mode is not enabled.
    See Clearpay Payment Gateway for additional information.

Q: Why did Clearpay disappear from the Shopify product page after changing themes?

A: To display the Clearpay instalment detail on the Shopify product pages, the active store theme is modified. When changing Shopify theme, a new set of theme/template files will be installed, which will not include the Clearpay product page display.

Although the product page display will require re-integration, Clearpay will remain active as a Payment Method on the Shopify checkout page.

To re-integrate the Clearpay product page display for the newly installed Shopify theme, please complete the steps outlined in the Clearpay Product Page Display section.