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Other Platforms

The following platforms will be updated on or after August 5th. There is nothing you need to do unless you have any custom Afterpay assets on your website.

Platforms and markets

PlatformSupported CountriesUpdates Automatically
eCornerAU / NZ
EcwidAU / NZ / US / UK
Have a LookAU
KynectAU / NZ
NetoAU / NZ
RocketsparkAU / NZ / US / UK
Spiffy StoresAU / NZ
StorbieAU / NZ
StraightSellAU / NZ
Team PlatformAU / NZ
Website WorldAU / NZ / US

Updating marketing assets

Have Clearpay branding on other landing pages, FAQ pages, or banners? Use the Rebranded Marketing Assets kit to update those, too.

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