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Clearpay Site Messaging


Completing the below steps will position the Clearpay visual assets on the Product and Cart pages of your Shopify website.

  1. Click the ‘Copy to Clipboard’ button below.
  1. Navigate to Shopify Admin.
  2. Navigate to Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes.
  1. Navigate to Actions > Edit Code.
  1. Under the ‘Layout’ folder, click on ‘theme.liquid’.
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the ‘theme.liquid’ file, and click to place the cursor at the end.
  1. Paste the copied text (Step 1), at the bottom of the ‘theme.liquid’ file.
  1. Click Save.

  2. Navigate to the website and review the product page for Clearpay assets.
    Example below


What do I do if Clearpay does not appear on my site correctly?

Please provide Staff Account access to your Shopify Store using the information below and our Integration Support team will take a look at your site.

First Name - Clearpay
Surname - Integrations
Email - [email protected]

Please ensure you provide access to Themes.

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Clearpay Site Messaging

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