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Where can I see my orders?

You can view your orders in the Clearpay Merchant Admin Portal.

For further guidance please see our Searching Orders documentation.


When do I get paid?

Settlement payments are processed 1-5 business days after the order date, with banks typically taking an additional day or two to deposit the settlement into your company account.

Settlement Timing
πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Β  In the UK our settlement process is based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). So each settlement report will include all transactions processed the previous day ending at midnight GMT.

Merchant Fees
Clearpay merchant fees are deducted from each transaction prior to settlement payout.


When will I appear on the Clearpay Shop Directory?

Please allow 7 working days for your site to appear on the Clearpay Shop Directory


Why was a customer returned to the Shopify checkout page after trying to place an order with Clearpay?

There are two common causes for a customer being returned to the Shopify checkout page after trying to place an order with Clearpay. These causes are listed below:

  1. Invalid order amount.
    A customer’s Clearpay transaction will not be approved should the order total be:
  • Below the merchant minimum order value.
  • Above the merchant maximum order value.
  • In a non-supported currency.
    As such, the customer will be returned to the Shopify checkout page.
  1. Incorrect merchant credential configuration.
    The communication between Shopify and Clearpay is dependent on a correct combination of the Merchant ID and Secret Key.
    Please ensure that:
  • Merchant ID is entered correctly.
  • Secret Key is entered correctly.
  • Test Mode is not enabled.

See Clearpay Payment Configuration for additional information.


Why did Clearpay disappear from the Shopify product page after changing themes?

To display the Clearpay instalment detail on the Shopify product pages, the active store theme is modified. When changing Shopify theme, a new set of theme/template files will be installed, which will not include the Clearpay product page display.

Although the product page display will require re-integration, Clearpay will remain active as a Payment Method on the Shopify checkout page.

To re-integrate the Clearpay product page display for the newly installed Shopify theme, please complete the steps outlined in the Clearpay Shopify Guide section.


I can't see Clearpay in my Express Checkout

Clearpay is currently unavailable on Shopify Express Checkout.
If you navigate to the Payment Methods you should be able to view Clearpay.

If Clearpay is not visible on the Payment Methods please contact your Clearpay Delivery Manager.

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