Configure the Module

What settings are required for the PrestaShop Plugin?

Clearpay Module Configuration Screen


Clearpay Module configuration screen

If you have completed the module installation successfully you should be on the Clearpay module configuration screen. If that is not the case. Please follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to: Modules and Services then Modules and Services.
  • Type `Clearpay` in the search field.
  • Click on the `Configure` button.
  • The Clearpay configuration panel screen will be displayed.

Enter your Clearpay Merchant ID and Secret Key


Where are my Clearpay Credentials ?

Please contact your Clearpay Delivery Manager if you have not received your Merchant ID and Secret Key.

Settings Overview



Module is enabled

Yes - Clearpay turned on
No - Clearpay disabled

API Region

United Kingdom

Merchant ID

Your 9 digit Clearpay Merchant ID

Secret Key

Your 128 characters Clearpay secret ID

API Environment


Minimum Payment Limit / Maximum Payment Limit

Current minimum and maximum Clearpay order thresholds. These values are for information purposes and can not be customized.

Restricted Categories

This enables the user to restrict Clearpay to the selected product categories.

What’s Next