Magento Testing Requirements

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Prior to Clearpay carrying out Solution Acceptance Testing (SAT) we require UAT to be carried out.


How do I carry out a Test Transaction on the Sandbox Environment?

Our Test Environment (Sandbox) page provides you with all the information to enable you to carry out Test Transactions.

Solution Acceptance Testing (SAT)

Following the completion of UAT please notify your Clearpay Delivery Manager and they will arrange a Clearpay Test Analyst to carry out the SAT.

To enable Clearpay to carry out thorough SAT please provide the following information.

SAT Requirements

Staging Credentials
Frontend URL:
Admin URL:

Discount Code:
(if applicable)

Gift Card:
(if applicable)

Restricted Products:
(if applicable)

Product with Variant:
(if applicable)

Product over the merchant threshold:
(if applicable)

Are refund orders required?

Clearpay to be displayed on cart page?

Is the merchant integrated to other Regions?

Is the merchant website Geo Locked?


Production Activities

On successful completion of the Clearpay SAT the site will be certified and Production Credentials provided.