Update Extension


The process of updating the Clearpay extension for Magento 2 involves the complete removal of all extension files, followed by copying the new files.

1. Remove old Clearpay files/folders

[MAGENTO] will refer to the root folder where you have installed your version of Magento.

  • Remove Files in: [MAGENTO]/app/code/Clearpay/Clearpay

2a. Install latest version of Clearpay Extension

Click the following link to learn how to install the latest version of the Clearpay Extension on your Magento 2 store:
Install Extension

2b. Install latest version of Clearpay Extension using Composer



Prerequisite for this section is that the extension should be installed using composer.

[MAGENTO] refers to the root folder where Magento is installed.

  • Open Command Line Interface and navigate to the Magento directory on your server
  • In CLI, run the below command to update Clearpay module:
    composer update clearpay-global/module-clearpay
  • Make sure that Composer finished the update without errors
  • In CLI, run the Magento setup upgrade:
    php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  • In CLI, run the Magento Dependencies Injection Compile:
    php bin/magento setup:di:compile
  • In CLI, run the Magento Static Content deployment:
    php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

3. Flush the Magento System Cache

Login to Magento Admin and go to System → Cache Management. Then select Flush Cache Storage


Clearpay SAT Requirements

Re-certification is required following an update to the Clearpay Magento Extension.
Please contact your Clearpay Delivery Manager to organise SAT.