Developing your own Clearpay solution using the Clearpay API

When developing your own implementation of Clearpay using our API, there are a number of key considerations.

  1. Using our sandbox environment can help you test and develop your solution before deploying it.
  2. Select immediate or deferred payment depending on your business case.
  3. Select the standard or express checkout process.
  4. Apply for Clearpay certification once you've completed your internal testing.

Using the Clearpay sandbox environment

Clearpay provides separate Sandboxes for each region. Accounts created within an Clearpay Sandbox only exist within that Sandbox, and no money actually moves when payments are made.

The Clearpay Sandbox environment includes the following components:

Review the Using the Clearpay sandbox environment documentation for more details.

Immediate and deferred payment

Clearpay can either take payment as soon as the purchase is completed on your site, or defer the payment until a later date, depending on your business model. Review the documentation for more details on Using immediate payment and Using deferred payment.

Standard and express checkouts

The standard checkout process for Clearpay requires the customer to enter their details as part of the Clearpay screenflow before being returned to the merchant's website. The express checkout process reduces the number of steps for the customer, reducing the burden of the checkout process and completing more quickly.

Clearpay certification

When you’ve passed your internal QA testing, you’re ready for Clearpay Certification. Contact your Clearpay delivery manager to schedule Certification testing.

Testing is performed within a staging environment on each of the unique environments that will be in production. The test suite includes three areas:

  1. Integration Standards
  2. Consumer Experience
  3. Refunds.

Certification ensures a great customer experience, minimizes the potential for fraudulent activity, and checks for common compliance and technical issues.