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Clearpay option not appearing for some customers

We have a Squarespace website with an ecommerce section. Some customers have complained that they can't see the option to use clearpay, which is usually a toggle on the payment section which allows you to switch from credit/debit card. I've tried it on two devices and it showed on one but not the other. Tried disabling and re-enabling but no luck. Any advice as to why? How to fix?

login session timeout while processing payment or token expiry time

We want session timoeout or token expire after waiting of 20-30 minutes on clearpay portal while processing. below is the use case We have implemented: 1) Created Checkout, got redirect url in response like "https://portal.sandbox.clearpay.co.uk/uk/checkout/?token=003.iegtnu2bl0492m2pg443epkbbklp8f2unud8eui5uget5tch" 2) clicked on above redirect url, then waited for 30 minutes on final submit page 3) After 30 minutes, clicked on submit. got status "SUCCESS" 4) Using that token processed AUTH api, got request id with "AUTH_APPROVED" payment state. 5) at last, processed CAPTURE payment, and all steps done successfully. No session timeout/token timeout there should be login session or token timeout from clearpay portal, but there is nothing like that

Clearpay customer sandbox

https://portal.sandbox.clearpay.co.uk/uk/login-email I am looking to integrate Clearpay with my Adyen implementation. Trying to create a customer sandbox account so I can test orders using the above link, and your text verification is not working at. How can I create a customer sandbox for testing?