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"or 4 payments of" text does not reflect sale prices

we're running a sale on products and the clearpay integration with Woocommerce read "or 4 payments of £x with Clearpay" but the £x only reflects the original item prices, not the sale price of the items. For example original item costs £64 but is on sale for £32, clearpay integration reads "or 4 payments of £16 with Clearpay" settings for that widget read: data-show-interest-free="false" data-show-upper-limit="true" data-show-lower-limit="true" data-logo-type="compact-badge" data-badge-theme="black-on-mint" data-size="sm" data-modal-link-style="none"

Hi its says my clearpay payment hasnt been accepted why?

Is it because ive irdered a new bank card??

Shopify API merchantt order number

For some reason the merchant order number in clearpay reports don't match order numbers in shopify

How to change installment text

How to change installment text "or make 4 interest-free payments of £61.25 GBP fortnightly with Clearpay More info " How can I change this text or add text to this I'm using Shopify

Clearpay customer sandbox

https://portal.sandbox.clearpay.co.uk/uk/login-email I am looking to integrate Clearpay with my Adyen implementation. Trying to create a customer sandbox account so I can test orders using the above link, and your text verification is not working at. How can I create a customer sandbox for testing?

Mobile Verification on the Sandbox

So I'm trying to integrate and everything is working, but suddenly it started asking me to verify my phone number on the Sandbox while testing and insist I enter a 6 digit number. The problem is that no matter what number I try, I'm not being sent any code. How do I resolve this?